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Workshops and Speaking

"That's how knowledge works. It builds up like compounding interest."

Warren Buffet


Workshops and trainings designed to gradually nudge professionals and parents to better practices when working with children.  Workshops combine research and real world practical information to start small but challenge.  Parent support and professional development to challenge your current ways of thinking.


Each workshop or training comes with drill down notes and online resources focusing on the science, application and specific next steps. 


Parenting Training  --Science + Social Support = Sanity
  • Parenting Mindset

  • Practical Strategies for Whole Brain Parenting

  • Everyday childhood ACE Stressors- Trauma Informed Parenting

  • Fostering functional Non-Cognitive skills

  • Developmental Milestones and Identifying Delays

  • Help!  Challenging Behaviors Balancing the Child's Skills and Your Expectations

Professional Development Training Topics
  • Trauma Informed Teaching

  • Practical Strategies in Whole Brain Teaching

  • Equity and Diversity

  • Building Non- Cognitive Skills

  • Fusing play based experiences with the California Early Learning Curriculum Framework. Preparing for School Readiness

  • Help!  Challenging Behaviors Balancing the Child's Skills and Your Expectations


Parent Coaching
Move the needle on your parenting a few degrees.  Parent a few degrees less anxious, overwhelmed and stressed. Gradually move a few degrees closer to parenting more confidently, more sane and with more joy. 
No matter what challenge you are facing, there is support for parents of children of all ages on any of the follow issues:


  • Challenging Behavior

  • Setting Limits

  • Support  a child with special needs

Parent Coaching helps parents learn about the science of child development and obtain social support which may bring you a little more sanity ( Science + Social Support=Sanity). Coaching can focus on identifying and accessing community supports and discovering techniques and strategies to help children learn.



To schedule Professor Harper for speaking, workshops or coaching, please use the links below.

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